Sworn translation

Sworn translation is the translation of formal documents belong to the government institution, state enterprises, national or foreign private company and individuals for various official purposes, such as the legislation of government regulation, judicial decision, notary deed, agreement contract of birth certificate , marriage certificate, diploma and etc. accompanied by a written statement from the sworn translator on the document of translation outcome stating that the translated text is true, can be compared, and ‘verified’ against the original. This generally means that the form and layout must also remain as close as possible to the original.


Our Translators/Editors are very familiar with the translation of
  • training manuals
  • handbook
  • tape scripts
  • video subtitle
  • website
  • user’s guide
  • certificate
  • contracts
  • articles
  • newsletters
  • company reports
  • questionnaires
  • powerpoint presentation
  • etc.


The texts being translated are also of a wide range of areas, such as
  • Arts
  • Oil & Gas
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Architectures & Carpentry
  • Biology
  • Laws
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Mining
  • Banking
  • Computers
  • Husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverages

Each of our translators has his or her own specialization in terms of knowledge, experience or technical field.

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