Editing & Copywriting

If you’re lost for words, it’s hard to find your way. But with the right words, it’s a whole different story. And that’s what we’re all about.

Analyzing, editing (and, if necessary, rewriting parts of) documents are tasks which require keen expertise and shrewd perspectives on context and purpose. The PeMad team includes multi-lingual translators drawn from a wide range of diciplines and professions. We have experience in the fields of publishing, advertising, fund-raising, academia, technical writing, curriculum design, creative writing and many more besides.

If you need to go beyond just straight forward translation, and require help with sharpening your written output through careful editing and/or copywriting, this can be arranged in accordance with your specific needs.


Our Translators/Editors are very familiar with the translation of
  • training manuals
  • handbook
  • tape scripts
  • video subtitle
  • website
  • user’s guide
  • certificate
  • contracts
  • articles
  • newsletters
  • company reports
  • questionnaires
  • powerpoint presentation
  • etc.


The texts being translated are also of a wide range of areas, such as
  • Arts
  • Oil & Gas
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Literature
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Science
  • Politics
  • Architectures & Carpentry
  • Biology
  • Laws
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • Mining
  • Banking
  • Computers
  • Husbandry
  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverages

Each of our translators has his or her own specialization in terms of knowledge, experience or technical field.

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