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We are an international and independent Indonesian translation and language service situated in Yogyakarta, INDONESIA. It operates under the auspices of an Indonesian NGO named Yayasan Suara Bhakti (YSB) or 'Voice of Dedication Foundation'. All our translators are language graduates with a range of technical backgrounds and at least three years' experience. We specialize in Indonesian, English, Japanese, Malay, and Tetum translation. Since establishing our service in 1982, we have handled every kind and size of translation project imaginable from clients all over the world.

Aside from PéMad, the Foundation has two other divisions working in related fields: the Wisma Bahasa (Indonesian Language Course), and the Wisma Bahasa English (English Course). It also has a Community Development division which operates in rural communities and provides free assistance with income generating schemes and English language training for marginalized communities in the Yogyakarta region.

With professional staff and resources that are experienced in their respective fields, we are confident to be in the position to provide you with high quality services customized to your needs.



Yayasan Suara Bhakti building, Yogyakarta